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Our team regularly assists businesses in financial distress facing an uncertain future with commercial, financial and strategic advice. We know that a lack of cash flow and poor governance can impact directly on a business’ performance and viability. Businesses facing underperformance and change can benefit from our range of advisory services in difficult times.

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Persistent underperformance of a business can lead to financial distress, impacting core business operations and viability. We can help stabilise and restructure businesses to improve performance and value.

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When directors face solvency concerns we can assess the Company's current and short-term financial position, identify the risks to all stakeholders and determine the capacity to restructure and trade out of difficulties. If restructure is not possible, we provide a range of formal insolvency services. Similarly, when individuals confront overwhelming debt obligations, we have the compassion and skill to explain and explore all of the personal insolvency options to be considered.

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Planning for future success

8th July, 2020

The likelihood of a swift business turnaround occurring after the impacts of COVID-19 lifts is a matter that is hotly debated in the business press. We hear of V curves, U curves or even W curves; who really knows?

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New Associate Director Appointed Offering Personal Insolvency Advice to Clients

2nd June, 2020

The Directors of Heard Phillips Lieberenz are excited to announce the appointment of Victoria Young as an Associate Director of our firm, who will lead our firm’s personal insolvency service line.

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