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Our team regularly assists businesses in financial distress facing an uncertain future with commercial, financial and strategic advice. We know that lack of cashflow and poor governance can impact directly on a business’ performance and viability. Business facing underperformance and change can benefit from our range of advisory services in difficult times. 

Our advisory services include:

  • Cash management and budgeting advice, where we are able to review past trading performance, identify where there are cash leakages and advise on budgeting and financial KPI’s in order to support financial turnaround.
  • Financial modelling, where we can review past operations and future investment objectives in order to build meaningful financial and cash flow models to guide management decision making.
  • Litigation Support/ Expert Witness services, where we can act as financial advisers to parties involved in litigation, or as expert witnesses in matters whereby an objective and rational accountant’s opinion is needed.
  • Pre-Lending reviews to assist banks and other financiers evaluate the serviceability of new debt facilities under varying assumptions and sensitivities.
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