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Safe Harbour and Strategies for Business Restructuring in Times of Crisis

1st May, 2024

Crisis stabilization, short-term cashflow management, and long-term restructuring are vital components of navigating insolvency risks. From immediate cost reduction to formal restructuring processes, timely and informed decisions are key. Our expertise at HPL ensures directors explore Safe Harbour options effectively, safeguarding their businesses' future.

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Business Transition or Phoenix

26th April, 2023

Many SME businesses are struggling to deal with the consequences of the non-payment of tax liabilities that have accrued over the past number of years, and the reality of staying in business is starting to dawn.

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The Director Identification Number

19th September, 2022

From 1 November 2021, all directors are legally required to have a Director Identification Number, irrespective of a company entering external administration or being deregistered.

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