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New Associate Director Appointed Offering Personal Insolvency Advice to Clients

2nd June, 2020

The Directors of Heard Phillips Lieberenz are excited to announce the appointment of Victoria Young as an Associate Director of our firm, who will lead our firm’s personal insolvency service line.

Victoria comes to us from a respected and long-established Adelaide insolvency practice where she has worked in the field of corporate and personal insolvency since 2005.

Over the last 14 years, Victoria has managed a range of formal and informal insolvency appointments for businesses involved in education, hospitality, building and construction, the mining industry, manufacturing and transport industries. 

Victoria’s experience in personal insolvency will be invaluable in assisting individuals confronting financial problems, where personal debt is building up and can no longer be managed, as there are many options to consider.

With the compassion, skill and patience to help individuals understand the personal insolvency options that confront them, we will be there to help your client make the insolvency choice that is the most suitable.

Should you have questions with respect to the above, please feel free to contact us.

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