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Strategies for businesses to deal with COVID-19

23rd March, 2020

There will be no simple universal solutions to assist businesses in coping with the financial effects of the strategies recommended by the Government to prevent the widespread expansion of the COVID-19 virus. Here are our top tips for business owners to maximise their chances of remaining in business.

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Issues with selling and buying distressed businesses

13th February, 2020

As insolvency practitioners, we are regularly engaged in the process of selling businesses, but the process of selling a business in a distressed situation is quite different from what would normally be the process in a traditional business sale transaction.

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Reminder on Director Penalty Notices

18th December, 2019

Over this year we have seen an increasing incidence of the ATO issuing Director Penalty Notices (DPN) to Directors of companies that are already in liquidation, most commonly on account of unpaid Superannuation Guarantee Charge (SGC) amounts.

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Substantial Reforms Impacting Directors are on the Way

30th August, 2019

Last year in a client newsletter we outlined the consultation process leading to potential Phoenix reform legislation, and we now note that legislation is before Parliament, Treasury Laws Amendment (Combating Illegal Phoenixing) Bill 2019, that brings those reforms into the light.

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